Read how Evermet access, collects, stores, uses and shares data.

The registration form is mandatory to access the Services. Failure to complete the registration form in all its parts prevents Desilab from providing the user with the services. Registration requires Users to communicate some of their personal data:
Unique username that identifies the user (visible to Evermet's public);
E-mail address (not visible to Evermet's public).
The user undertakes to verify that the e-mail address is correct and valid. The email address will be used to confirm your registration, to facilitate communications, to provide services, to send advertising or direct sales material or to carry out market research or commercial communication.
Registration, authentication through access credentials and use of the application imply the communication of identification data of the device in use (not visible to Evermet's public) such as the respective IMEI code, the identification codes of the bluetooth interfaces / WiFi, codes that can uniquely identify the user on the device and/or in the network (eg. IP address, Android ID). Sending identification data to Desilab allows the user to benefit from the services offered by the application. The sending of such identification data allows Desilab to identify the user and to be identified with other Evermet users.
Failure to send the requested data above will prevent the user from registering or authenticating and using the services.

During normal use of the application, data relating to the user's location (geolocation) are also acquired. The main purpose of the Application is to allow Users to memorize other Users who have been met, in order to facilitate socialization in a virtual and/or real way.
The User agrees to the collection and processing of data relating to his/her position, so that Desilab through the application is able to identify meeting points with other Users and to provide additional services based on geolocation. The registered user also agrees to be geolocated using and cross-referencing the data provided by other users. The meeting points allow the application platform to send notifications to the User's account, presenting the profiles of the Users he has met. The application will be able to access the User's location, approximately or more precisely based on the technology used. To perform statistical analysis and user profiling and provide additional services, the application could record all user geolocations. Such geolocation data could in any case be deleted at any time without notice and in any case when they are no longer necessary for the intended purpose. The meeting points with other users will be visible on the respective profiles of the users encountered, however the paths of a User will never be visible to other Users.
The data relating to the meeting points, as they are electronically processed, are to be understood as indicative and do not constitute proof of actual meeting between the people involved.
The User can disable the geolocation option on their smartphone for free. In this case the user could continue to be geolocated using and crossing the data provided by other users.

If Desilab find that the data sent to the servers are found to be falsified and/or manipulated with the aid of systems capable of modifying its original content (e.g. the generation of a fictitious geolocation, or the generation of an identification code of the device in use) in such a way as to compromise the normal functioning of the system, the user associated with these behaviors will be blocked immediately without notice.
In such cases, Desilab reserves the right to request compensation from the user concerned for any damage caused.

The other personal data that the User can enter in his/her Account/Profile (e.g. name, surname, date of birth, gender, contact information, photos, etc.) are optional and communicated at its sole discretion and under the its sole responsibility. These data are visible to all users to whom they are intended: photos and any other data intended for the public can also be visible externally to the Evermet platform. It should be noted that for reasons of transparency, the photos published must represent the User and not mislead other Users about his appearance. These photos must not represent a celebrity, portray a minor, reproduce a racist, offensive, illegal or sexual message, or contain any personal information. They are published in the Application under the sole responsibility of the User. By becoming a User, the latter agrees to the publication of their photos in the Application and also outside the Application. The personal data that the User has entered in their profile are visible to the users for whom they are intended and if they were intended for the public they could also be visible externally to the Evermet platform. Desilab declines any responsibility for the data conveyed through the application and disclosed by a User or by malicious persons to third parties for whom the data were not originally intended.

Transaction data: Desilab does not collect and process bank data. The Apple App Store and Google Play Store have chosen not to communicate certain data to mobile applications, including transaction data. These data are collected and processed exclusively by these platforms, regardless of Desilab's desire to change the payment methods.

Data relating to exchanged communications: messages are sent and stored on the application servers for the sole purpose of guaranteeing the transmission service of exchanges between Users. The Messages are strictly private and only engage the Users concerned. The application managers do not exercise any right of control over these conversations, except upon judicial request and/or in compliance with the applicable laws or regulations and/or in the context of any evidence provided to Desilab by a User during reporting.

Mobile phone data: when the User uses the Application, Desilab collects application logs which may include information such as, for example, IP addresses, operating system, language used, application failures, areas of the application visited and services used.

Data relating to advertisements: data relating to advertisements may be collected within the application to display more relevant advertisements. Such data could include, for example, user identification codes, cookies, or other data more suitable for tracking user habits. Through the app settings it is however possible to choose whether to accept user profiling or view more generic ads.

The application also provides an area for sharing textual and multimedia content. The managers of the application do not exercise any right of control over these contents and the user undertakes to indemnify Desilab in the event of a sentence pronounced in against him and motivated by infringement of the law or violation of these GCU by the User. The contents may optionally be published at the sole discretion and under the sole responsibility of the User.

When registering on the Application, the User can decide to communicate certain sensitive data in the context of a description that concerns him, such as ethnic origin, sexual orientation or political opinions. Desilab does not encourage the User to disclose sensitive information to other Users or to Desilab through the Application.
Nevertheless, if the User still wishes to disclose such data on his/her profile, this communication is equivalent to the User's explicit consent to the collection and processing of such data by Desilab.

Pursuant to the code regarding the protection of personal data (legislative decree of 30 June 2003 - No. 193 of the Italian law), each User has the right to access, rectify, oppose and delete personal data. Desilab, attentive to the concerns of its Users, undertakes to respect the protection of personal data and to satisfy requests on this issue in the shortest possible time. The User can exercise his rights, subject to the burden of proving his identity, by sending an e-mail to the address indicated in Article 16 of these GCU.
- The right of access authorizes the User to ask Desilab to communicate the data concerning him in an accessible form, pursuant to article 7 of the code regarding the protection of personal data.
- The right of rectification gives the User the right to request Desilab the update, the rectification or, when interested, the integration some data.
The User is facilitated, pursuant to article 10 paragraph 1 of the code regarding the protection of personal data, to rectify most of the data concerning him on the Application itself.
- The right to object gives the User the right to oppose the use of their data by Desilab, without any expense.
- The right of cancellation gives the User the right to request the cancellation of the data communicated to Desilab. The user can also proceed independently to the cancellation of the account and the data concerning him by using the appropriate functions on the Application itself (pursuant to Article 10, paragraph 1 of the personal data protection code).

Personal data, visible or not to other Users, may be transferred and communicated to third parties by Desilab, in compliance with the European law.
In the event of termination of the processing, the user's personal data may be transferred to another owner pursuant to Article 16 of the code regarding the protection of personal data.

Desilab retains the User's data for the entire duration of use of the User's Account as long as the need for storage by Desilab or the user does not cease. Desilab undertakes to use the best efforts and all means at its disposal to ensure maximum security of the data stored. However, it is up to the User to take all appropriate measures to protect their data.
Each user can access his account through the application by authenticating with login credentials.
In this regard, the User undertakes not to disclose their login credentials which are strictly personal and confidential and must not be disclosed to third parties. Desilab refuses the collection of data from minors. If a User lies about their date of birth and, in particular, in the case of fraudulent attestation of their majority age, the parents of the minor child are invited to notify Desilab by sending an e-mail to the address indicated in article 16 with the request for data cancellation. Desilab undertakes to delete all personal data relating to the minor child as soon as possible and in any case following a formal request from the parents by sending signed documentation and the identity documents of the parents themselves certifying the parenting.

At the time of registration, the User expressly consents to the transmission of his/her data to Desilab sub-suppliers located outside the European Union, in order to host and process the data processed by the Application. Desilab guarantees that such transfers are carried out in conditions that ensure the confidentiality and security of the data as well as an adequate level of protection, in compliance with the provisions of articles 43 and 44 of the code regarding the protection of personal data.

According to art. 22 and art. 13, paragraph 2, point F of EU Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2017, the user is informed that the data acquired through the application may be subject to profiling. The acceptance of these GCU therefore authorizes Desilab to use the data collected through the application to conduct user profiling and conduct statistical and market analysis by studying the geolocations, data of one's profile (such as, for example, name, surname, status, description, and so on), of the photographs published on their profile, of the usage habits of the application, of the messages exchanged with other users, of the textual or multimedia content published within the application and through the analysis of all data in general conveyed through the application.
Profiling and statistical and market analysis can be performed through automated or manual decision-making processes.

User data collected during the registration phase (e-mail, username and password) as well as profile data (such as name, surname, status, description, and so on) and other data collected through the application during normal use are subject to pseudonymisation and/or encryption techniques (AES-256), in favor of greater security in the processing of personal data (Article 32 of EU Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2017).

The collected data are processed by:
the company Desilab di Berra Franco, registered in the Italian Business Register with VAT number IT02506760301, registered office in Nimis, Via Monte Cela, 14 (UD) - Italy, and is represented by its owner, Mr. Berra Franco.
The owner is in charge of processing the personal data of the Users for the purposes described in the paragraph PURPOSE OF THE TREATMENT CARRIED OUT BY DESILAB.
Data processing takes place electronically in an automated form according to the computational logic that allows us to offer all services through the application.
It is possible that the data will be processed, entered, modified, transferred and deleted even manually in order to meet specific needs in which automated intervention is not sufficient. The data processed electronically are acquired through the application and sent to the server using an encrypted protocol. The servers take care of the acquisition and processing of data that are stored in a database protected by credentials and with access reserved for the persons in charge of processing users' personal data.
Desilab may also enter into contracts with authenticated and reliable subcontractors in charge of accessing, hosting and/or processing certain personal data of Users on behalf of Desilab, according to the instructions of the latter and in compliance with the Privacy Policy, which guarantee security and the confidentiality of Users' personal data. These subcontractors in particular allow Desilab to compile statistics on traffic volumes and/or use of the Application and/or to ensure the correct functioning of the Application.
Persons authorized to access the personal data of users will be able to access only through the use of personal access credentials.
The personal data of a User identified as "visible to the public" (in the paragraph COLLECTION OF PERSONAL DATA - TYPES OF DATA), which appear on her profile, are public and visible to other Users she has met.

The data collected by Desilab are necessary for the correct functioning and improvement of the Application Services that are offered to Users.
The data collected also allows Desilab to conduct statistical studies and marketing analysis in relation to the use of the Application and Services by Users. Moreover, Desilab can access the personal data of Users, store them and share them with authorized third parties in response. to requests of a judicial nature (search warrant, court order or other) or to satisfy legal, regulatory, judicial or administrative obligations, as well as to identify or prevent fraudulent activities or breaches of the security of the Services, pursuant to and in compliance with the law. The data collected may also be used by Desilab for the development and operation of further products and services.

The Application that collects information on its Users, has been the subject of the preventive formal declarative fulfilments with the Guarantor for the protection of personal data in order to fulfill the legal obligations relating to the Italian legislative decree of 30 June 2003, n. 196.
The user who intends to make a complaint has the possibility of contacting a supervisory authority directly (based on art.13, paragraph 2, point D of EU Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2017).