Does my actual position is visible to anyone?

No. The app shows only the location where you met other persons and your actual location is NOT shared to anyone. That means when you and other people aren't close each other no one knows where you are precisely..
It is however possible to know in which city you are based on the geolocation provided by your smartphone. You can manage your visibility based on the 'search by city' setting in the app.

I'm home and I do not want to be visible to my neighbors. What can I do?

When you are in areas where you need privacy, you can make yourself invisible to others by setting the 'Invisibility Zones' via the app settings.

I set up invisibility zones but i am still visible to others. Why?

We implemented some powerful algorithms for hiding you from others but consider that the app is based on position obtained by phone sensors. If there are some problems with the phone or if the sensors give to the app a wrong location it is possible that you can be still visible to others but geolocalized away from your real position and outside from invisibility zones. This means that others don't know where you really are. We suggest you to set a invisibility zone as wide as much to feel confortable.

Can i hide myself from a specific user?

Yes, you can block specific persons. In this way the specific user can't send you messages and can't view your profile and where you met.

How can i protect myself from unsolicited messages?

Walking down the street everyone can start to talk with you. In the same way every user that is memorized by the app in your account can send you a message because the app is built with the goal of socialization in mind. We are aware that sometimes people can hurt you and thats why we implemented an automatic message blocking system. If other users send you 3 messages and you don't answer back they can't send you anymore messages. In case you answered back and someone is acting like a stalker you can block the user.

Does the app memorizes persons that aren't Evermet users?

No. As other social networks you can't interact with persons that are not registered.

I crossed a person while walking trough street but it isn't appeared on the app, why?

The app aims to memorize persons that were near you for a while. Occasional persons that you cross may not be memorized by app. Usually it requires that others people stays around you at least 5 minutes (or less) before being memorized automatically.

I was close to a friend for more than 5 minutes but it isn't appeared on the app, why?

It depends from many factors. Your friend can't appear in the app if your phone or the phone of your friend haven't sent any useful data to servers. Consider that last versions of the operating system (OS) put the phone in an ibernation state when you don't use it. That means it can't send data to servers and can't analyze the surrounding enviroment for searching users. Please disable OS optimizations for the app for improving performance: tap on the gear on top bar of the app and follow if the instructions for disabling OS optimizations (If they are already disabled the app doesn't shows you any suggestion).

I have enabled proximity notifications but I do not receive any notification even if my friend is next to me, why?

For a matter of privacy it is not enough to add a person to a circle of contacts enabled to receive proximity notifications. It is mandatory that your friend add you to a circle of contacts enabled to proximity notifications too.

Both my friend and I added each other in circles of contacts enabled for proximity notification but we do not receive notifications.

It could be due to an incorrect geolocation of one or both devices. Make sure that smartphones get the most accurate position from the sensors.
It could also depend on a radius of sending and receiving notification too narrow. In the settings of the app both of should increase the range of sending and receiving notifications, just enough to fit your needs.

Why can you choose to send proximity notifications and not receive them or vice versa?

If you are a famous person it may be useful to inform your fans of your presence nearby but at the same time you do not want to be annoyed by continuous notifications of their presence nearby. In this case enable a circle of contacts to send notifications only and disable the reception option.

Can I use task killers while i use your app?

The app can't work if you use task killers or if your OS kills apps that are running in background. Please disable task killers and/or battery optimizators. Alternatively put Evermet in whitelist of the task killer or the operating system.

Where i live i don't have a stable connection to internet, can i use your app?

Evermet is designed to help socialization also in areas where connection to internet is weak. If you go on vacation abroad or if you take a journey in the middle of the desert the app is still able to memorize the persons you meet even if you can't get online for few days. As soon as you get online again the app syncronizes the acquired data to servers and shows you the persons you met when you were offline.

A message says that your device has been disconnected?

The app works only on one device at time so you can't log in to multiple devices concurrently. When you log in from a device a logout is forced to all other connected devices. If you havent logged in to a new device id is highly recommended to change the password of your account as soon as possible.