Remember people you meet

With Evermet your smartphone memorizes persons you meet every day.

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When in real life you cross by the people who installed Evermet, their profile appears in the app.
It works everywhere and in every situation: at work or at university, at the beach or on the mountains.

This social network records the people you cross along your way or the people in the vicinity and memorize their position and time of meeting.
100% Privacy: only the meeting position is displayed but when you are no longer nearby your real position remains invisible to other members.

Just bring the smartphone with you in your pocket or in your handbag and the social network will do all the job automatically.


The Evermet project aims to be a bridge between the real world and the virtual world. And it's really working: when you use the app and the algorithms tell you that someone is nearby, you are going instinctively to look around. A crossing of looks is the first step that makes you put the phone in your pocket and encourages you to talk in person.

Productive tools

Evermet has special tools to improve interpersonal relationships with customers, suppliers and simple acquaintances.



Upload a selfie to show everyone who you are and tell something about yourself by filling out your profile.



Create your own circles of people by organizing them for common interests and stay in touch with friends, relatives and colleagues.



Get notified when colleagues or your friends are nearby. Do not miss the opportunity to meet to discuss about project or have fun.



See when and where you met other users. Your current position is kept private.



Share your best moments with the right people.



Share your information only with the right people and manage areas of invisibility for your privacy.


The reviews of the best newspapers are proof that Evermet works

Evermet - "is an app that puts you in touch with people you've really met or even met in passing, thanks to a super effective recognition system."

Cosmopolitan Italia

"Evermet puts us in touch with people we met randomly on public transport, at concerts, or on the street and with whom we want to socialize."

Donna Glamour

"Evermet revolutionizes the concept of social. The goal of Evermet is to bring people together in real life, breaking down the walls created by the virtual world."

"Evermet, the all-Italian social network that ranks against the current. The goal of the platform: to make people meet again by making them talk live"

"Evermet is a social network that is different from all the others: it is meant to get in touch not with your friends, but with the people you meet on the street"

Fastweb Digital Magazine

With Evermet "we can contact the seller through the chat and [...] we can do it without having exchanged business cards because the app has already automatically stored the contact"

Il Gazzettino

What is Evermet useful for you?

Get inspired! Socialization has never been so easy.


Your business card ... without a business card!

At meetings or conferences with unknown people your profile will appear in the app of the other participants and automatically your contact details will be available to anyone you want.
You decide which contacts to display by choosing for example to share your phone number with the members of the circle of contacts called "Technical Meeting" but to keep your number reserved to all other users.


Plan a vacation

Are you deciding to go on vacation and want to discover the hidden corners of the city that only the inhabitants know?
Search for geolocalized people in the destination city and ask for their advice.
In turn you can feel like a tour guide too by helping others and inviting them for example to join your walk on the hills!


You like going out with friends

By enabling proximity notification, your friends will know when you're around and can invite you to celebrate with them.
In turn, be sociable and always remember to share your moments of relaxation with someone you care about!