Remember people you meet

Keep the smartphone with you and memorize the persons you meet everyday.

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Have you ever wondered who is that person dancing in the pub?
Did you forget the name of a person you often see around?
Want to get in touch with someone that is not on your contact list yet?

Evermet recognizes persons that were next to you everyday, while you were working, studying or simply relaxing at the park.

Just bring the smartphone with you in your pocket or in your handbag and the social network will do all the job automagically.


Evermet has special features for improve relatioships and socialization with fun and powerful tools.



Upload your selfie to show everyone who you are and say what you are doing with 'Status'.



Create your contact lists and get in touch with friends, relatives, collaborators. Easily.



Get notified when your friends are nearby. Don't lose the opportunity to have fun with them.



Take a look when and where you met with other users. Your actual position is kept private.



Take notes about your meetings for improving relationships and don't forget important things.



Manage invisibility zones and blocked users for the benefit of your intimacy.

Use's Examples

Get inspired! Socializing has never been so easy.

At the seminar

At the Seminar

Imagine you are partecipating to an important seminar and at the end you want to talk to the relators or with some other guests you consider important.
The real problem is that you are late and you must go away.
Don't worry, you can talk later with them: just open the app, find them in the list of last users you met and get in touch!

Guys on the bench

Help others

You are sitting on a bench with a stranger. Suddenly he goes away but you realize only after a while that he left there his hat.
Open the app and write him a message to come back to pick up his hat!
Don't you feel better now that you helped someone? :)