Nowadays there are dozens of platforms for socializing: there are those specialized in photo sharing such as Flickr or Instagram, those like Facebook to find old friends, musical ones like Musically.

The core functionality on which Evermet is based is related to the need to stay in touch and socialize with the people who have entered our lives even for a few minutes.
Sometimes we also know by chance people we later forget because we do not know their name but suddenly even years later come to mind and we wonder what happened to them.
Other times we need a contact detail of a professional that someone introduced us but we forgot to ask him for a contact.
Much more often in the midst of a group of people we see one in particular that has struck us and we would like to have a direct way of communication, to contact him later without disturbing him while he is having fun with their friends.

Evermet helps us in these and many other situations very easily: just keep the app installed and it will do everything automatically!
In fact, the application stores all the people registered in Evermet that we meet in everyday life simply by keeping the phone in your pocket or purse.
When the other person appears in the app is equivalent to having exchanged business card: it will be possible to instantly establish a conversation through the chat or consult his contact details entered in his profile and see the contents shared on the bulletin board.
People met in the past who resurface in the memory will remain stored in the app and it will be possible to contact them via chat: even if they are not online for a long time they will receive an email inviting them to connect to Evermet.

Are you going on vacation? Use Evermet to look for people in the destination city and ask for advice about places of interest to visit.
The search for people (or companies) based on the destination city will also help hoteliers to advise you on the best accommodation.

These are just a few examples of how to use Evermet, but imagine what enormous potential this platform has to offer when memorizes the people you meet!
Imagine being a barman and saving customers’ tastes and then surprising them on their next visit. Or imagine being relatively famous and letting all your fans know when you’re around by sending them a proximity notification.

These are just some ideas and functions provided by the platform … and remember: Evermet is a free social network. Download it now!