In Settings page you can manage your privacy, your account and the proximity options.

Radius: Specify the radius in wich you want to notify or get notified when a friend is nearby.
If you and your friend set both the radius of 2000 meters you both receive a notification when you are distant less than 2000 meters.
If you set 2000 meters and your friend set 500 meters you both will get notified only when the distance between you and your friend is less than 500 meters. For privacy concearns that means a small radius is dominant on a greatest radius.

Time Interval: specify after how many hours should pass until receive another proximity notification from a friend. For example if you already received a notification and you set 2 hours of time interval it means that you and your friend should stay far away at least 2 hours before getting notified again. If your friend goes away for just 1 hour and then comes back nearby you are NOT notified again. If your friend goes away for 4 hours and then comes back nearby you are notified again.

Invisibility Zones
Manage your invisibility zones where you don't want to be discovered by other users.
- Tap on the map where you want to create or move the invisibility zone.
- Give it a name and set it's radius (up to 2km) and tap on 'Add' for apply your change.
When you are in the invisibility zone you can enjoy the confort of your intimacy and you will be hidden from other users. Pleas note that the app receive the location from your phone. If there is a problem with your phone or with the geolocalization service you may be still visible from others but localized away from your real position and in any case outside the invisibility area. That means that your real position is not visible to others. Please set up a radius as wide as necessary for the comfort of your privacy.

Blocked Users
See the list of blocked users and unlock them if you feel confortable.

Set bluetooth as visible
With this option you can force your smartphone to mantain your bluetooth adapter visible to other users. In this way you will be discoverable in a better way even if you are in areas where there are no wifi's or where the GPS signal is weak (for example when you are hiking in a deep valley between mountains).

Help button
Show or hide the popup button for the inline help.

Change email
If you need to change the registration email associated to your account please use this option.

Change Password
Change the password of your account from here.

If you need to uninstall the application for a while or if you want to became invisible to other users for a long time the logout is a must. Please consider backing up your messages before logging out or uninstalling the app.

Delete account
By deleting your account you will lose everything related to you. Deletion is irreversible and before proceed you must insert your password.